Meet Deba Douglas

Owner of Douglas Dwellings and Deba Douglas Realty Group

Deba Douglas is a dynamic force in the world of real estate, hailing from Dallas, Texas. Transitioning from a successful career as an educator, Deba quickly became a top-producing realtor, generating over $80 million in sales in the past four years. She has acquired several rental properties and flips homes throughout the DFW metroplex.

Deba's Expertise and Impact

  • Real Estate Investment:¬†Mentor, coach, and real estate mogul with a proven track record in property investment and sales.
  • Educational Approach: Combines her background in education with real estate to offer comprehensive training for aspiring investors.
  • Success Stories: Helped over 300 students with her course, "Road Map to Real Estate Investing."

Deba's Story

"I chose real estate investing as I outgrew the constraints of a 9 to 5 job. It became apparent that life was more than waiting for promotions and annual vacations. The desire for freedom, both in terms of time and ability to shape my community, led me to the world of real estate investing, where passive income became a reality. My life has undergone a transformative evolution, and I am empowered to guide others towards becoming successful real estate investors too." 

- Deba Douglas

What Started Douglas Dwellings, LLC

As former Assistant Principal in the DFW area, Deba Douglas had the opportunity of meeting so many different families over the years, and I was able to get a glimpse of the disparities regarding housing in so many of my students.

We believe that confidence is based on your environment and it starts at home. I want children that live in our homes to have the very best and it starts with housing. We send quarterly newsletters to our tenants to share free family outings in the area, job postings, provide rent discount to families when their children make the A honor-roll each grading period, and so much more.

Not only do we purchase properties, remodel them and, we also help families facing foreclosure by providing creative options to help save their homes, and we share our knowledge with real estate by helping people become real estate investors.

Shortly after this experience, Deba purchased her first duplex and created Douglas Dwellings, LLC.

I had students that lived in very affluent areas as well as students that lived in low-income areas with limited resources.

I remember having a student that told me he lived in a one bed apartment with his mom, two siblings, aunt, and three cousins. He would complain about having back pains all throughout the semester, as I formed a relationship with him, he shared that his back pain was from sleeping on the floor every night. In that moment, I knew that I had to do something to help in my communities.

My heart was set on purchasing properties in low-income areas and remodeling them to look as though it was in an affluent area, so every family that lives on our property knows that they’re special and they deserve the very best, regardless of where they live.

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